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Rock Paper Scissors is a fast paced and addictive arcade game.


Rock Paper Scissors on Google Play store.

Rock Paper Scissors is a fast paced and addictive arcade game where you collect points by colliding or dodging other symbols.


Rock Paper Scissors works as you expect.

You start with a random symbol. Touch the screen where you want it to move. If your symbol is a rock, avoid other rocks and papers, and look for scissors. You will be awarded points and your current symbol will become scissors.


- Rock beats Scissors
- Scissors beat Paper
- Paper beats Rock

Catching speedometer symbols will either slow down or accelerate the gameplay. High-rev speedometers will speed up the game while low-rev speedometers will slow it down.
Gift boxes appear occasionally and contain prizes from 25 to 100 points so make sure you grab them!


- One touch control
- Colorful graphics and animations
- Multi-hit Combos
- Mystery Box prizes
- Use your Google+ account to view the online Leaderboard and Achievements and compete with your friends for the highest scores!


This free version of Rock Paper Scissors contains third party advertisements.

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